Our Customers and Customers First!
With all our units, we perceive the needs of our consumers and our internal and external customers quickly and accurately, and we take an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meeting their changing expectations for a better life.

Our Operational Perfectionism
The basis of our understanding of operational excellence, effective use of technology in all areas, lean business processes, defined work-making system, data-based and rapid decision-making systems. Agility is our core competence.

Our Human Resources
In the light of our Science, Unity, Success torch; We believe that our human resources, which are educated, experienced, have a sense of belonging and ownership, are open to all developments based on science, that share information and share the spirit of unity, have adopted a participatory management approach and success-oriented work.

Our Ethical Position
We respect social, political and cultural values ​​in every geography in which we operate, and act in accordance with the laws and business ethics rules. We attach great importance to honesty, open communication and fair governance.

Our Environmental and Social Responsibility
We produce with an approach that values ​​the environment and nature, we contribute to create a better future from today. We maintain our tradition of supporting contemporary education, sports, culture and art in order to increase the quality of social life with the awareness of social responsibility.